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Privacy & Terms Of Use

Your Information Privacy Concerning BobJonesShoes.Com

Our Privacy & Security Statement describes the information we collect about you (provided by you) to include why and how we use it. We also explain the choices you can make about how we collect and use your information.

  • What type of information does BobJonesShoes.Com collect and how will it be collected? BobJonesShoes.com collects information from you that you provide when you register with our site, provide through online purchases, or when you update your profile on our site; to include other information capturing mechanisms such as surveys or signing up for our email lists and/or newsletters.
  • How will Bob Jones Shoes and BobJonesShoes.Com use my information? When you make a purchase from BobJonesShoes.com, we use your information to process your order and/or to answer your questions about the status of your order. We may use the information to provide you with periodic e-mails and mailings about Bob Jones Shoes merchandise, services and promotions. We may also send you e-mails to help us learn more about your shopping preferences. We also use information about your product purchases to help us improve our online store and your shopping experience.
  • What are Cookies? How does Bob Jones Shoes.com use Cookies? Cookies are simply text files (not software) that are used by your Web Browser to store small amounts of information we need to customize and streamline your shopping experience with us. These are stored on your computers hardrive and DO NOT contain any personally identifiable information, such as your name, address or any financial information such as your credit card number on your computer.
    Cookies must be enabled to use our Web Ordering System to manage your visit with us.
  • How does BobJonesShoes.Com make sure my order information is secure?

    The protection of all your information, including credit card information is paramount. BobJonesShoew.Com uses a security centric system called EVE™by X-tier SAE Inc. (www.x-tier.com) EVE™ has layered security subsystem that monitors, enforces, encrypts, and reports on all aspects of the system operation and all information it is overseeing. For security purposes not all of the systems security features are made public for obvious purposes, but the following is a list of key security features designed for your information protection.

    - Authentication & Authorization - Bob Jones Shoes allows you to be assigned a "User Name" and password to log into our system. This measure allows you and only you access to your account information.

    - URL and Data Entry Scanning - All activity on BobJonesShoes.Com is scanned for malicious activity, such as probes, password and username falsifications. Any security descripancy the system experiences is instantly sent to our alert security staff for evaluation. Chances are you'll mistype a password or your user name and you meet our Xenturion Gatekeeper. No worries. Xenturion is your friend.

    - Data Transmission Encryption - BobJonesShoes.Com uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect your online order information. This technology encrypts all information, i.e. your credit card, order, and personal information before it is transmitted to our system. This means only our system can unencode the information.
    Once you decide to begin the check out process, our system initiates the encrypted communication between your web browser and our system. This is eveident by looking at the bottom right of your browser's window. A solid key or a closed lock is visible. Another means of verifying you are in the encrypted (Secure) communications mode is by looking at the address line (URL) of your browser. It should begine with HTTPS.

    Your order information and personal information are encrypted.

  • Changes to our Statement
    Bob Jones Shoes and BobJonesShoes.Com will update this Privacy & Security Statement periodically. Please check this page often for these updates as well as checking our terms of use page; as by using our site you are accepting the terms of use and are agreeing to these policies.
    If you have any questions please contact us via the Contact Us link below.

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