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Alegria Camille 372 Two Band Slide Tectonic 
Retail Price: $109.95  
Alegria Karmen 663 Two Band Slide Black Wavy 
Retail Price: $109.95  
Alegria Karmen 664 Two Band Slide Pewter Wavy 
Retail Price: $109.95  
Alegria Vanessa 140 Thong Wavy Navy 
Retail Price: $99.95  
Alegria Vanessa 151 Thong Black Handcraft 
Retail Price: $99.95  
Alegria Verona 518 Two Strap Sandal Quarry Crackle 
Retail Price: $99.95  
Alegria Verona 780 Two Strap Sandal Pewter Mosaic 
Retail Price: $99.95  
Alegria Verona 881C Two Strap Sandal Coal Chain Gang 
Retail Price: $99.95  
Ara 37120 Open Toe Wedge Sling Black Suede 
Retail Price: $149.00  
Bob Jones Price: $119.90  

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